Bachelorette Party Invites

The invitations for bachelorette parties can be really expensive, as the average cost is over $100 for each guest. If you are looking for bachelorette party invites, it’s best to find options that will help you to save some money. Continue reading as some suggestions will be given in the following article.

Tips to find cheap bachelorette party invites

Invitation kits

You should be able to find invitation kits at the office supply stores in your local area. If not, you can search online as most of the large retailers will have them on sale.

  • This kit will come with the directions for you to choose the right paper and margin settings to create the party invitations on your computer.

Homemade invitations:

With a bit of creativity, you could make homemade bachelorette party invites from your scrapbook supplies. This way, you could make unique invitation cards. If you are really into scrapbooking, then it might be easy for you to find all the necessary supplies at home.

Decorator Stationery:

The large stores which sell office supplies usually have special stationery and paper with a variety of designs.

  • If you choose this option, you won’t need instructions to make the invites because they are usually made with the standard letter size layout.

Printable bachelorette party invites:

These could cost you much less, because there is always a wide selection online. You can find invitations that could cost over $1.00 for each card, but careful research might help you to find cheaper options. In addition, some of the invitations online will already have the bachelorette party imprinted on them, so you would only need to write the rest of the party details.

On Making Bachelorette Party Invites

  • In case you are not too hung up on what to use for the invites, then the bachelorette party invites at the local card stores, dollar stores or party supply stories would be another option to consider. Generally, these are plain invites so if are thinking of using this option you would have to write the details.
  • But, remember to point out that it’s a bachelorette party as well as add other details, especially if the party is based on a certain theme. The additional details could be for sleepover invitations if this is the theme for the bachelorette party.
  • It is important to point out that you don’t have to be a writer or poet to come with the right words for the invitations. However, you need to avoid the formal words as this will make party seem boring and stuffy.
  • When it comes to bachelorette party invites wording, its best to have fun and be casual.

Now that you know about some of the available options to cheap invitations for a bachelorette party, you can take some time to look for the ideal cards. Hopefully, it will be much easier for you to find bachelorette party invites after reading these simple suggestions.