Sleepover Invitations

At present, sleepover parties are quite popular with children and it is not unusual for boys and girls to receive sleepover invitations just like to receive surprise party invitations. A sleepover party is a good way to celebrate preteen and you do not have to spend much since the number of invited guests is limited. However, no matter what the size of your party is, a very important consideration you should adhere to is the theme. Themes and games for sleepover parties make the party fun. If the party is for a girl, it should be more on girly things such as making accessories, listening to popular bands, makeup and other similar stuff. If the party is for a boy there should be more active events that include toys.


A critical factor when starting to plan for a party are sleepover invitations, since they should be the first things that you have to give out to guests. Again, the theme of the party should be considered since the invitation should conform to it.

When making your invitation, be sure to include essential information such as:

  • Name of the invitee
  • Date of the party
  • Start time of the event
  • Place where the party will be held
  • Things to bring
  • RSVP

Sleepover party invitations are crucial since parents are usually hesitant to send their children to slumber parties. The idea of having their children spend a night with other people can be enough to scare many parents off. An invitation coming from a parent will somehow assure them that their children are safe. They will know that an adult would be present at the party to supervise things and prevent any untoward incident from happening. Make it a point to give sleepover invitations yourself so that other parents can see for themselves that their children are in good hands.

Young girls are especially fond of a sleepover party, which is also called as pajama party or slumber party. It provides them with an exciting opportunity for bonding and it also gives you a chance to know who your girl’s friends are. Some parents are happy at the prospect of having the chance to know who are good influences for their children when they give out girls sleepover invitations, while others use the occasion to find out whether their daughters have crushes or are dating someone already.

When you are looking for a place to get sleepover invitations, try going to specialty stores, which cater to different events. However, if you want the easy and more convenient route, try doing your search online. There are various cool and colorful designs that are available and which you can purchase in advance, so that you can send them to guests ahead of time. If you are on a budget, there are also sleepover invitations free printable templates on the internet that you can use for your party.